Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups – Dark Chocolate

Happy 4th of July! On this American holiday, I decided to try one of the most beloved chocolate candy variety in America: Peanut Butter Cups. But I did want to stay original, so instead of the world-wide brand everyone knows about, I tried Justin’s.

IMG_3201 IMG_3202

Here’s what you gotta know first about me and peanut butter cups and I (I wonder why correct grammar sometimes sounds incorrect). I’ve always had an affinity towards things that were rare. But I did have exceptions: Reese’s in Russia (at least to non-US-Embassy-residents there) were quite hard to get, yet I was never a fan of the overly decadent peanut butter cups, that tasted like it had a 7:3 ratio of Peanut Butter and Chocolate. To be fair, back then I didn’t like peanut butter with anything other than toast (I still don’t enjoy peanut butter cookies or ice creams). While I respect the humble beginnings of the H.B. Reese Candy Company (I like to hear those success stories), I wonder if it tasted better back in those days before it was acquired by the Chocolate Giant.

Anyway, enough of the rambling. The point is, I never liked Peanut Butter Cups, but Justin’s changed my mind.

IMG_3208  IMG_3209

I’ve always seen the cute 1-pack peanut butter cups (2 cups per pack)  sold at major super markets, but honestly thought it wasn’t worth trying because:
a) its around $2 a pack, so about a dollar for each cup (= expensive!)
b) I assumed it’s probably not that special. Except for the packaging.

And boy was I wrong. Yesterday I went to Costco, and I see this  28-pack selling for $9.99, and I just couldn’t resist – such a good deal! Of course I had the short dilemma of whether to buy these or the Costco Kirkland peanut butter cups (don’t think they were organic; but had more cups per box) selling for the same price, but figured I’d trade off quantity for quality. Plus, Justin’s was what got me wanting to buy peanut butter cups in the first place. So I took them home.

Here’s what I loved:

IMG_3210 IMG_3211
1) LOVE the Dark Chocolate. It complimented the sweet (but note: not overly sweet) peanut butter so well, it was like the ratio was 3:7 or even 2:8 for the peanut butter and chocolate.

2) Peanut butter actually doesn’t taste/feel like an amalgam of sugar crystals.

3) Bite-sized, helping me reduce guilt of eating 2,3,…uh oh.

4) Individually packed, easy to share or take as a snack to your workplace.

5) Makes it easier to conduct self-control.

6) Fun to take the wrappings off each time

7) The box is so cute. And I’m in love with their packaging (esp. the font).

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Chocolate Diary.

Everyone has loved chocolate at one point in their lives. I am no exception. When I was small, my mother would hide Snickers bars in various places in the house – to stop me from eating them all at once. I thought it was hide-and-seek, and happily devoured those Snickers on a daily basis. (Only recently did my mother find out what happened, since she herself forgot where she hid them). Kinder Surprise was a staple, which my mother always limited to once per grocery trip we made. (As a side note, I was so sad when they changed the product and got rid of the chocolate egg shell. It’s like they cracked my childhood memories. Into pieces. Okay I’m exaggerating just a little bit.)

(Source: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/zavhoz_mk/9871534/8695/600.jpg)

Having lived in Berkeley CA for the past 4 years, I was lucky enough to experience the countless chocolate bars sold at Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, and 4th Street Pasta Shop. Although most were $3+, each time felt like the best purchase of the day. The idea for this blog came up randomly on a lazy weekend afternoon – when I drew a chocovore character using Paper. I loved writing reviews on Yelp, so why not write about chocolate?


Now, this blog may not be the best reference if you’re trying to find good vs. bad chocolate because:

1) I purchase and review chocolate that I want to taste (which will most likely actually taste good) – which means you won’t find me reviewing about the ‘bad’ chocolate I recently tried.

2) Every taste bud is different. So this can’t be a “The World’s Most Delicious Chocolates Guide for Dummies” (although if someone does write such a guide, I’ll be busy going through every single item on the list!)

3) I go through chocolate phases, like the “Dark Chocolates with Cacao Nibs”-LOVING days I had for months, which you just might not care about.

4) Postings will be include thoughts about chocolate, chocolate history, chocolate-whatever, so it won’t be just tasting reviews.

What this blog IS is that a personal chocolate diary, which I’m happy to share with anyone who cares. If there is any misinformation or offensive material in my writing, please know that it is unintended (usually. just kidding) and feel free to let me know.

So here goes.